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Hi there!
My name is Warsono. I am full-stack web developer with more than 4 years experience. Recently I use Laravel or NodeJS for backend and Vue.js for frontend. I can also use other frontend framework like ReactJS and Polymer.
For testing, I often use PHPUnit for Unit Testing and Selenium for web scraping. I use git for collaboration tools. I use Linux for my development environment, especially Elementary. I also have experience with Agile Scrum.
I live in the city who known as flower city Bandung, Indonesia. So, if you are from Indonesia and want to create some projects with me, feel free to contact me in the contact section below, so we can talk about something awesome. If you aren't, don't worry. We can talk it remotely via Email, Skype, Facebook or anything.

# Portfolio

Here are some of my works.

# Contact Me

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